Latest update:
- CV ACT 3 voicebank has been released since August 25th 2014.

Good news, everyone! Since August 25th 2014 [Michi's birthday], I'm (Vira) not the official voicer, but my beloved partner, Okyscool! He has been chosen from VB vacancy contest! \(^o^)/

Although, there will be some unfinished oto.ini parameters (because they may extremely rare to be used), but now he has more mature voice like a real male should looks like. And still, some "r" syllables are Indonesian-accented. But, you have to add g+5 before using him because he will sounds "weird" if you don't do it.

Here you can start! ---> Michi JACKSONOID ACT 3 CV


Apparently, his ACT 2 VB is still available but will be PERMANENTLY DELETED without prior notice. We are so sorry for that! The ACT 2 may would be the best VB in sound quality, but it doesn't appears like how normal males should be.


Well then, see you in next updates!

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